Bad Foods for Your Pearly Whites

There are a lot of foods out there that are bad for your teeth. Unfortunately, not many people know or understand the toll that these foods have on their smile. In this blog, we would like to discuss some of the worst foods for your smile and how to cut them from your diet. We are confident that by cutting some of these “bad foods” out of your diet, you can go on to live a healthier life.

If not for your teeth, for your waistline

By happy coincidence, many of the foods that are notorious for rotting teeth are also foods that can wreak havoc on your body. Even though cutting certain foods out of your diet is better for your teeth’s health, it will also be great for your body’s health too! Sugars and carbohydrates are terrible for your body and teeth, yet are oh so delicious! It can be difficult to completely cut these types of foods. After all, diet is all about balance.

The following are considered “bad foods” for your smile:

Rot, Sweet Rot

Surprise! Candy is bad for you. This sounds like the most obvious thing you have ever heard, but it is true! Sugary treats are terrible for your body, skin, and yes, your teeth. But why? For sticky candies, such as caramels, jelly beans, and hard candies, it can be difficult to clear away all of the sugar. When you bite into a caramel, some of the sugar can be left on your teeth. This sugar mixes with your mouth’s natural bacteria and form a corrosive substance that can lead to tooth decay. If you are not careful about the sweets you eat, you could rot your teeth and need a root canal.

Carbohydrates Are Bad for You — Go Figure

Wait, carbs are bad for you? Obviously! Carbohydrates are very difficult for your body to break down and can cause much more problems than just tooth decay. Carbs are notorious for causing weight gain, so if you don’t cut carbs out because of your teeth, perhaps do it for your body’s health.
Starchy foods, such as chips, bread, and pasta, can be just as bad as candy. Though carbs aren’t sweet, the starches from white flour can linger in your mouth and cause a lot of damage. For one, your mouth won’t always be able to break down the starches in your mouth, which means that the starches can sit on your teeth and break down into simple sugars. While you are out living your life, these simple sugars mix with the bacteria in your mouth and produce a type of acid. This acid, then, will wear down your teeth throughout your day.

Dr. Pepper is not a Dentist

We figured it out, Dr.Pepper is not a dentist. Sodas are terrible for your smile. For one, soda contains copious amounts of sugar which can still be left on your teeth. However, even diet soda contain carbonation and phosphorous, which both can wear away your teeth’s enamel. Your enamel is your smile’s bodyguard. Without it, your teeth can become stained, brown, and weak. But, if you think that tooth decay is only a symptom of sodas, you would be wrong. In fact, any carbonated beverage, from energy drinks to sparkling wine can cause dental damage. One of the best ways to protect your teeth from damage is by cutting soda out completely. However, if there is no future sign of you quitting soda, you may want to invest in a straw collection. By using a straw, you won’t allow the carbonation to make contact with your teeth, ultimately eliminating the chances of tooth decay.

Juices that are “Juiced”

Fruit is necessary to keep a well-balanced diet. Fruit is able to provide our bodies natural sugars that can help replenish our energy level. But, fruit juice is, unfortunately, a huge problem when it comes to tooth decay. Juices are “juiced” with sugar and other concentrates that are very bad for your mouth. Acids are also incorporated into some commercial juice brands, which can severely wear your teeth. The best way to limit the amount of acid you are placing on your teeth is by only drinking real fruit juice. Whole fruit has less sugar and added fiber, which is good for your body. Of course, you should still make sure you don’t leave real fruit juice on your teeth, but it is still a better alternative to commercial juices.

Dr. Robert R. Mantoni

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