Get Your Pearly Whites Camera Ready!

Your teeth are important for many reasons. For one, without them, eating would be impossible. However, teeth are also important because they structure your face, help you enunciate, and show your emotions. In this blog, will be going over some delicious snacks you can eat and drink that can naturally whiten your teeth. With the help of these foods and beverages, you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for teeth whitening strips or even taking a trip to your local dentist’s office.

Below is a list of five foods that can help naturally whiten your teeth.


“An apple a day keeps a dentist away!” Or was it a doctor? No matter whether you are trying to keep a dentist or a doctor away, apples have whitening capabilities when it comes to your teeth. Have you ever bitten into a juicy apple and heard the self-satisfying crunch? Well, that delicious sounds is actually doing more than just making your mouth water, it actually is strengthening your gums. When you bite into an apple, the action of your teeth breaking the skin of the apple and strengthen your gums. And, aside from strengthening your mouth, the fruit’s high water content increases your saliva production. The water of the apple and your natural saliva mix together and can work together to kill off any bacteria on your mouth. This can lead to whitening results as the bacteria is removed before it can cause any discolorations.


Oranges are amazing fruits because they are filled with delicious juice that contains vitamins and helpful acids. Of course, you never want to drink your orange juice after you brush your teeth. If you do, you might get a rude surprise and your mouth will taste similar to battery acid — yuck! To ensure that you don’t have this happen to you, drink your morning OJ before you brush your teeth. Though acidic drinks are bad for your teeth if drank excessively, small doses of acidic beverages can actually be beneficial for your teeth. For one, small traces of acid can help break down stubborn bits of bacteria on your teeth. That is why oranges can be great for your teeth and whiten your smile.


If you are not an “orange fruit fan” pears are a nice alternative, especially if you want whiter, bright teeth! Pears are sweet, delicious, as well as nutritious. Not only that but this fruit helps neutralize the acid in your mouth. If your mouth is too acidic, bacteria can use your teeth as their own private playground. As stated in our orange example, too much acid can be a bad thing in terms of your teeth. Pears help regulate the acid in your mouth, which can help reduce the amount of bacteria swimming in your mouth.


If you can get your kids to eat broccoli regularly they could be both extremely healthy and have excellent white teeth! Broccoli is high in fiber, low in calories, and is ideal for your teeth. The coarse bristle-like stems of the broccoli are great scrubbing agents for your teeth. As you bite down and fully these amazing vegetables your teeth are scrubbed and “brushed.” Of course, this does not mean that you don’t have to brush your teeth with toothpaste, naturally. Broccoli is just an ideal vegetable if you would like to achieve whiter teeth.


Carrots aren’t just good for your eyes, they are also good for your teeth. The high water content of the carrots helps react to the bacteria already existing on your teeth. Aside from getting rid of pesky bacteria, raw carrots are rough and chewy. The extra work involved to chew and swallow bits of the carrot actually help clean your teeth. Think about it kind of like how dog bones are good for your pet’s teeth. By chewing and working the bones around in their mouth, bits of food, bacteria, and anything else in their mouth can be removed. Of course, you aren’t your pet dog, but the principles are the same.

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