Stay Away From These Holiday Candies!

The holidays are here! But unfortunately, that also means that sweet treats in shiny tins and paper wrapping are too. Never fear! Though there are indulgences all around you, testing your self-control, there are ways to keep yourself from eating too many snacks and candies that are bad for you. The first step to disregarding something that is bad for you is by learning more about it. In this case, learning about the candies that are bad for your teeth and waistline is the best way to avoid them. The more you know, the better you will be able to avoid treats that can cause bad consequences later.

Candy Canes

The holidays and candy canes are synonymous with each other. Candy canes remind us of the season and taste cool and delicious. But, though this type of candy may look innocent, it can actually be terrible for your teeth. How? Well, when you each a candy cane, you typically have to suck on it and eventually chew it. Dental problems arise when people bite down into the candy cane too early. A major consequence of chewing a candy cane when it hasn’t been softened is that you might break a tooth. “Breaking a tooth” can be as small as chipping a bit of your tooth, to breaking its foundation and exposing your dental nerves. Though these two circumstances range in severity, pain, and remedy, they are both to be avoided. If you cannot help but eat a candy cane this holiday season, make sure that you are slowly eating the candy and softening it up with your saliva for at least 10 to 20 minutes.


Toffee is a delicious holiday treat, but can be problematic when it comes to your teeth. Toffee, just like candy canes, is a hard candy, which means it should be eaten with care. Just as candy canes should be softened for a prolonged amount of time before bitten into, toffee candies require the same amount of attention. Toffee is extremely hardened sugar that can break your teeth. To ensure that you don’t break open your teeth while eating this delectable treat, be sure to eat it very slowly and eat it in small bites.


The holiday season means that caramels are all around. Something about this gooey, savory candy means the holiday season. And, it doesn’t help that candy companies mark down their caramel-filled chocolate for the holidays! Caramels are sticky, tough, and drum up trouble for your teeth in multiple ways. For one, caramels are sticky, which means that bits of sugar can become lodged in your teeth. This is problematic because if the sugars of the caramel react to the bacteria of your mouth, dental acid can form and rot your teeth. Second, caramels are tough, which means when you bite down into a piece of caramel, it can easily latch onto one of your teeth and pull. If you are like millions of Americans with dental crowns or even fills, caramels can easily rip them out.


Taffy is a soft candy that is very much like caramels. It is sticky, chewy, and tough, all traits that can spell trouble for your smile. For one, taffy isn’t just bad for your teeth, it can be bad for your jaw as well. Constant chewing can make your jaw ache and the muscles around your jaw to swell. Worse, because taffy is so sticky, it can easily get caught in your teeth and your braces. If you have dental braces, eating taffy can be a nightmare to get out of the individual wires. Taffy can be troublesome because it also lodged sugary pieces of candy in between your teeth. Though you may not be able to see the bits of candy, the sugar is still there and can cause issues. The best way to combat this problem is by brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day.


Nougat is very tough and chewy and, unfortunately, claims many crowns and dental kills during the holiday season. Candy, like Big Hunk, require intense chewing. Many times an unsuspecting victim will bite too deeply into the nougat and pull back only to find a missing crown. When this happens, it is best not to panic. If you still have the original crown, your dentist can fasten it back onto your tooth. However, the best way to prevent this from happening is to avoid this type of candy in the first place. This means only eating easy to chew and swallow candy items. This holiday season, it is best to think of your teeth first, before chowing down on harmful sweet treats.

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