1. What To Look For In a Kids Dentist

    We understand what you might be thinking right now. Your kid is going to lose all of their teeth anyway. So just exactly what’s the point in taking them to see a dentist, much less on a routine basis? You’re not the only one who’s had this thought. Unfortunately, a child’s healthy smile does…Read More

  2. Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Care

    There’s no escaping the need for dental care. Not for any of us. So that means staying on top of your oral health is critically vital because our mouths do so much for our overall bodies! However, we completely understand that not everybody is as excited about dental care as we are and not every p…Read More

  3. Pretty & Edible: Can You Eat That Flower?

    Ah, yes, being out in nature makes us feel invincible and connected to the Earth. Sometimes you take a moment to stop, look around you, and think, “how did the pioneers do it?” How did they survive in nature, on nature alone? Well, many didn’t survive, but in our fantasies, we naturally want t…Read More

  4. Fun Facts About Animal Teeth

    Oftentimes when we think of teeth we think about our own, human teeth but there are some wild facts out there about animal teeth that we bet you don’t know! We compiled a list of super fun and crazy animal dental facts for you to entertain with at your nephew’s birthday party this summer. Mammal…Read More

  5. Help! I Broke My Tooth!

    Meet our friend Laura. Laura’s having a rough day. She hasn’t entirely figured out how it happened but she noticed that her 14-year-old has somehow broken his front teeth clean in half playing with friends. Before she can ask, her sister calls to say she spent the morning at the dentist with her…Read More

  6. The Father of Modern Dentistry

    We’re obsessed with this bucket of teeth and you should be too. Painless Parker, originally named Edgar Randolph Parker, was one of the most prolific serial teeth pullers of the 1900s. Think you’re afraid of the dentist now? We can guarantee going to the dentist in the early 20th century was wor…Read More

  7. Is Gum Good for Your Teeth?

    Is Popping Your Gum Helping Your Teeth? Surprisingly enough, chewing bubblegum is actually good for your teeth. Despite what you may think, chewing gum can trick your salivary glands to produce more saliva than usual. Because of this, your pearly whites get a proper wash down and can get rid of some…Read More

  8. When to Change Out Your Toothbrush?

    Should I Change Out My Toothbrush? Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is important. Without a proper toothbrush, your teeth can rot away and even fall out. Now, of course, dental health isn’t this dramatic. If you miss a day of brushing your teeth, your teeth will most certainly not fall out.…Read More

  9. How to Properly Pull Out Baby Teeth

    How to Properly Pull Out Baby Teeth You may or may not remember the sensation of a loose tooth. When we are children, our “baby teeth” fall out to make way for our permanent teeth. During this phenomenon, your teeth will typically fall out naturally. Of course, not all teeth will come out as eas…Read More

  10. Candy That Will Ruin Your Teeth

    Stay Away From These Holiday Candies! The holidays are here! But unfortunately, that also means that sweet treats in shiny tins and paper wrapping are too. Never fear! Though there are indulgences all around you, testing your self-control, there are ways to keep yourself from eating too many snacks …Read More